Augusta National Golf Club—Augusta, GA


-Rankings as of 1/25/2014…2nd best course in the U.S. (Golf Digest), 3rd best course in the World and in the U.S. (Golf Magazine), 5th best Classic US course (Golfweek)



Augusta National is the most iconic golf club in the world.  It was the brain-child of the greatest amateur golfer of all-time, Bobby Jones, it was built by the great golf course architect of all-time, Alister Mackenzie, and it annually hosts the greatest golfers in the world at The Masters golf tournament. Augusta National is an extremely special place in the world of golf.


If you’ve ever been to Augusta National to see The Masters, you know the facilities are kept in immaculate conditions.  And I don’t mean just the golf course, I mean all the facilities.  Furthermore, the way people are treated at Augusta National is second to none.  And I don’t mean just members…guests, patrons, CEO’s, average citizens whomever…they are treated like gold.  Simply stepping foot on the property at Augusta National is a dream come true; a dream that lives up to all expectations.


As for the golf course itself, it fulfills Alister Mackenzie’s criteria for an ideal golf course.  To boil his bullet points for an ideal golf course down to one concept, an ideal golf course must be playable for the high handicapper but also a challenge for the scratch golfer.  If you’ve ever watched The Masters on television, you know this is true.  The course is not overly intimidating off the tee, but to actually put the ball in the hole is a challenge.  The closer you get to the hole, the more precise and perfect you have to be.  Approach shots must be well thought out and executed.  Chips must be precise.  And putts must be true.


Augusta National…the perfect place for golfers.