As I noted on the last page, I am no expert on Women's Amateur Golf.  But I have been doing some research and
here is what I've come up with as the Top Ten Women's Amateur Golfers of All-Time.

1)  JoAnne Gunderson Carner--5 time US Amateur Champion, 2 time US Open winner, and 41 LPGA victories

2)  Glenna Collett Vare--6 time US Amateur Champion between 1922 and 1935

3)  Dorthy Campbell Hurd Howe--2 time British Amateur Champ; 3 time US Amateur Champ between 1909-1924

4)  Joyce Wethered--4 time British Amateur Champion between 1922 and 1929

5)  Anna Quast--3 times winner of the US Amateur with 1 British Am title between 1958 and 1980

6)  Juli Inkster--3 time US Amateur Champion with 7 professional major titles

7)  Margaret Curtis--Curtis Cup is named after her and her 3 US Amateur titles

8)  Alexa Stirling--3 time US Amateur winner from 1916-1920 (and the Am wasn't held in 1917 and 1918)

9)  Marlene Stewart Streit--won the US am and British am in the 1950's, along with 11 Canadian Ams.

10)  Carol Semple Thompson---1 US Women's Am and 1 British Women's Amateur title.