The game of golf now revolves around the pro golfers.  We all have Walter Hagen to thank for that.  But
nevertheless, we've had some great amateur players over the years.  Check out my list of top ten amateurs,
which are listed below.  And to see the women click here.

Bobby Jones--The undisputed king of amateurs; won 4 US Opens, 3 British Opens, 5 US Amateurs, 1 British
Amateur title from 1923-1930

John Ball, Jr---won 8 British Amateurs and 1 Open Championship from 1888-1912

Harold Hilton--won 4 British Amateurs and 2 Open Championships to go along with 1 US Amateur title…from

Jerry Travers--won 4 US Amateur titles and 1 US Open from 1907 - 1915

Michael Bonallack--Won the British Amateur title 5 times from 1961-1970

Walter Travis--won 3 US Amateurs and 1 British Amateur from 1900-1904

Francis Ouimet--winner of 2 US Amateur's and 1 HISTORIC US Open…from 1913-1931

Chick Evans--won 2 US Amateurs and 1 US Open…competed in 50 straight US Amateurs from 1910-1960

Johnny Goodman--won 1 US Amateur and 1 US Open in the 1930s. 

Harvie Ward --won 2 US Amateurs and a British Amateur in the 1930s.

Modern Day seems like since Bobby Jones retired, the allure of being an amateur golfer has faded and the best golfers almost always turn pro.  However, there are a few great golfers who have remained amateurs, even in our current day and time.


Vinny Giles...won the US Amateur in 1972, the British Amateur in 1975, the US Senior Amateur in 2009. 

Peter McEvoy...won 2 British Amateurs in the late 70s. 

Dick Siderowf...won 2 British Amateurs in the 70s.