Cypress Point--Pebble Beach, CA


-Rankings as of 11/4/2015--#2 U.S. Course and #2 Course in the World (Golf Magazine), #2 U.S. Classic Course (Golfweek), #3 U.S. Course (Golf Digest)



I've heard Cypress Point described as the "Sistine Chapel" of the golfing world.  Frankly I've never been to the Sistine Chapel, but I do wonder if this downplays the beauty of Cypress Point.  To see what I mean, here is a photo of the tee shot on hole 13.



I think you can see what I mean, when you see that photo.  But simply seeing photos of the course, doesn't do it justice.  In addition to the views, you have the sounds, the smells, which add to it...and then you have amazing golf holes and shots to take the entire experience to a level I don't think exists anywhere else in the golfing world.

The course's designer was the great Alister Mackenzie.  And when I say this is Dr. Mackenzie's best work, I don't say that lightly.  I fully understand that he also designed Augusta National, Crystal Downs, and Pasatiempo (to name just a few), and I have played those courses and I think they are truly great.  However, not a one of them comes close to the awe-inspiring majesty of Cypress Point.

To talk more specifically about the golf course itself, there is a lot of talk about the back nine.  In fact, the run of holes from 15-17 is, without question, the greatest stretch of golf in the world.





And, for sure, those holes are GREAT!!  But the rest of the course is excellent as well.  In fact, the front nine is one hole after the other of strategic bunkering, great greens, excellent use of angles and elevation changes, all coupled with a great walk.



And as I was playing those holes, I was thinking that this course may be the best course I've ever played.  However when I stepped on to the 13th tee and proceeded to play the rest of the course, I knew this was my favorite golf course.  It is just simply incredible.

And, there is a lot of scuttlebutt about how bad 18 is.  Yes, it is.  Very out of character and plain bad.  But I was on such a golf high, I didn't even care.  In fact, as soon as you finish that are greeted with this view.



So, okay...whatever...bitch about 18 all you want.  I'd play Cypress Point every day for the rest of my life and die a happy man.