Top Ten Desired Experiences

A weekend at Augusta National
Honestly, this one is easy.  I would love nothing more than to spend a few days at Augusta National; play the
course, have dinner on the premises, get up and play the par 3 course and the big course again.  All the while
being at, arguably, the best course/club in the world.  The place the Bobby Jones and Alistair Mackenzie built.  
And the annual home of The Masters, arguably, the world's greatest golf tournament.

The Olde Farm
A good friend of mine, who happens to be someone I respect very much, is a member at The Olde Farm.  I very
much want to spend time on the course and see the great property, but this is in no small part to the respect and
friendship I have with the one who has invited me.

The history that surrounds Prestwick is off the charts and the course looks like one I'd very much enjoy.  At
Prestwick, I don't need a long weekend or a reunion with good friends...I simply need to play the course.  It is the
home of The Open Championship, which was first held at Prestwick in 1860.  Tom Morris Jr. recorded his historic
eagle on the 16th hole in the 1870 Open Championship, and this doesn't even mention the holes themselves.  It
starts off with a BANG!!!  Slicers fear the opener, the 3rd has the Cardinal Bunker, Himalayas, Elysian Fields, and
the Alps also lurk out there.  It will be a pure joy to tee it up at Prestwick.

Royal Dornoch
When I go to Dornoch, I don't want a running and rambling golf trip.  Rather, I just want to go and chill in the town
that raised, the world famous, Donald Ross.  I wanted to play the classic links over and over again and get to
know it.  I don't want to be in a rush at all.  I want to enjoy the golf and soak in the town and takes as much time as
I need.

Much like The Olde Farm, a good friend of mine is a member at Kinloch.  In fact, this friend is one of the most
impressive students of golf course architecture that I have ever met.  His passion is truly world class and, as I
have similar interests and passions, I simply can't wait to tee it up with him at his home course.

Those who know me, know I love hickory golf.  Oakhurst is one of the oldest golf courses in the world and has
been a long-time host of the U.S. Hickory Open.  Whether I play in the Open there or not is irrelevant to me, I
simply want to play there and enjoy some hickory golf.

Wade Hampton
For whatever reason, this course has caught my fancy.  It is in the wonderful Blue Ridge Mountains in the
Cashiers area.  Links Magazine said the following about the course, "If Wade Hampton Golf Club were a painting,
it would either be on display somewhere or locked away as a part of some collector’s private gallery."  From what
I've seen, I agree.  I just want to go and hang out for a day or two and soak it all in.

Colorado Golf Club
I LOVE pure golf, get-away-from-it-all experiences, and the work of Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw.  Colorado Golf
Club certainly seems to have all three and appears to be right up my alley.

Valley Club of Montecito
I've never played this course, but I feel like it is the type of place I'd love to be a member.  Here is what the
operator of "Playing the World's Top 100" had to say about it.

"understated but tony clubhouse with its old locker room with its original wooden lockers that have developed a
nice patina. Quite a cozy little place to have a post-round drink overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

...Certain evidences of wear and tear merely suggest the homey lived-in atmosphere so rarely seen today. It is
the only club in Santa Barbara where members can still find an uncrowded golf course, good food, proper service
and privacy."

Oh yeah, Alistair Mackenzie designed you know its good!!!

Meadow Club
Another Mackenzie gem that has grabbed my attention.  Also another apparently low-key, under-stated private
club in California.  Hmmm...I'm noticing a trend.