East Lake Golf Club---Atlanta, GA                              

Rankings as of May 18, 2013:
-56th best course in the U.S. (Golf Mag.)
-58th best classic course (Golfweek)

It is vitally important to understand that East Lake is more than a golf course.  The golf course was the focal point regarding the turnaround of one of the worst neighborhood's in Atlanta and the country.  It had sky high crime, sky high unemployment, rock bottom test scores for their kids in schools, and it was essentially a waste land full of shattered dreams and hopelessness.  

Enter Tom Cousins!

The neighborhood now has one of the best schools...

a world class golf course...

and is a thriving community fueled by rising spirits and philanthropic ideals.

Concerning the club and course, there is no question it is one of the most historic and prestigious clubs in Atlanta.  Bobby Jones walked these grounds and played these very holes.  The clubhouse pays homage to Mr.  Jones and it is indeed a thrill to simply be at East Lake.  Below is one of many of Mr. Jones' trophies on display in the clubhouse.

EL trophy.jpg

The course is walking only course and caddies accompany every group.  The staff and the service at East Lake is phenomenal.  The greens are hard as bricks and fast as lightning.  In short, the course is difficult…which is to be expected and embraced at such an historic and highly regarded course.  

EL #9 app. II.jpg

East Lake has served as the launching pad for my love of golf.  My third round of golf ever took place here and the more I play the course, the more I appreciate East Lake and its subtle nuances.  You see, it is a thinking man's course and that thinking man has to be able to execute approach shots.

EL #6.jpg

The course measures 6,590 yards from the blue tees and is rated 72.6/133.  It is the home of the PGA Tour Championship, which is the last tournament of the year which in turn crowns the FedEx champion