Fishers Island Golf Club---Fishers Island, NY

Rankings as of 10/1/12
-8th Best U.S. Classic Course (Golfweek)
-11th Best U.S. Course (Golf Digest)
-18th Best U.S Course; 28th Best Course in the World (Golf Magazine)

Fishers Island is a teeny-tiny island located between Long Island, New York and Connecticut.  It is the home of
some of the most famous Old Money U.S. Families.  Obviously you live on Fishers Island to escape the modern
world and enjoy private living, as there is little to nothing on the island.  In fact, you can not get there by car.  
Rather you must take a boat, a ferry, or a plane.  Given this desire for privacy and seclusion, you might get the
idea that the residents don’t want outsiders visiting.  If my visit could serve as the basis for an answer to that
question, I’d say you’d be right.  They don’t really want any outsiders on their island.  HOWEVER, the golf course is
out of this world good!

For starters, the course is very fast and firm and plays like a true links.  Add in the Seth Raynor/CBM template
holes and you are set for a fun days golf.  But, you can not forget to add in the absolutely amazing views and
vistas the island setting provides.  This take the golfing experience to an almost unrivaled level.

The course with a gentle handshake of a first hole, but before  you know it you are face-to-face with some of the
best golf holes in the entire world.  The par 4 3rd hole, Plateau, begins this epic run.

Fishers 3 app.jpg

The par 4, Alps, continues it…

Fishers 4 tee.jpg

The Par 3 Biarritz is a jaw-dropper…

Fishers 5 .jpg

And, frankly, it just continues on and on and on.

Now, I have heard some people complain that some of the subsequent holes are a letdown after this amazing run.  
And, okay, that might be true.  But I really don’t think it is due to the fact that the holes that follow are bad, rather it
is because the previous holes are simply that good!

Would you complain if you had to play this…

Fishers 11.jpg

Or this…

Fishers 14 app.jpg

Or this?

Fishers 16.jpg

I wouldn’t.  

Fishers Island is one of the truly elite courses in the world.  If you get a chance, play it.  Just don’t expect to be
embraced and welcomed with open arms and back-patting hugs at the club.