Top Ten Golf Holes that I Must Play

Barnbougle Dunes #13

This entire Top Ten list came about after seeing the “MacKenzie Green” at Sitwell Park, which, to my
understanding, has been plowed under and completely changed.

Since I can’t play that one, I need to seek out the next best thing.  It is my understaning that Tom Doak’s inspiration
for the 13th green at Barnbougle Dunes was in fact this very hole at Sitwell Park.  I simply must see it!!  

Cypress Point #16

Cypress Point has been ranked in the Top 5 courses in the world forever.  And the 16th hole is arguably the best
hole on the course.  218 yard par 3 with two possible carries…one over the ocean to the green and a lay up off to
the left.  A par 3 with options, I like it!!

Augusta National #13

C’mon…I think I can do it too!!

Pebble Beach #8

It is perhaps the most dramatic hole on one of the world’s most iconic golf courses.  Yep, that is a must see for me!!

Tetherow #6

After playing Ballyneal in Colorado, I can’t stop thinking about great/crazy greens.  See my Sitwell Park photo
above. A friend of mine showed me some pictures of Tetherow and I simply must play some of these greens.

Pine Valley #10

If The Road Hole bunker made the original list, then the 10th at Pine Valley with its Devil’s A$$hole bunker has to
be on the list as well.

St. Enodoc #6

To me the Alps hole at St. Enodoc looks mind numbingly good.  I've got to give it a whirl!!

Royal Melbourne West #1

Say what you will about the first, at least I'm embarking on playing one of the world's truly great courses.

Dismal Doak #9

I am pumped beyond imagination to play the new course at Dismal River currently being designed by Tom Doak
and his team.  To see the 9th hole, take a peak at this page.

Myopia Hunt Club #9

For starters, this course looks like an absolutely perfect place to play golf, given my tastes.  And the short 9th,
looks like the type of challenge that I'd love to tackle.