Kinloch Golf Club--Manakin Sabot, VA


 -Rankings as of 10/31/2013; 16th best Modern US Course (Golfweek), 51st best US Course (Golf Digest)



Kinloch is a golfing oasis located just outside the city of Richmond, VA.  As founding member Vinny Giles stated in 1999, Kinloch β€œis intended first and foremost to be a first class golf club emphasizing immaculate conditioning, a simple but special clubhouse facility, a small and compatible membership of individual members, a championship golf course and practice facility with service of the highest quality.”  

Given that Mr. Giles is, arguably, the greatest amateur golfer since Bobby Jones, you'd think he'd know how to accomplish those stated goals.  And, you'd be right.  Kinloch is golfing nirvana.   



Aside from being one of the best golf clubs in the United States, the design of Kinloch's golf course makes it one of the best "thinking man's" golf courses in the country as well.   

You see, Lester George, the designer of the course, uses center-line hazards brilliantly throughout the course.  The hazards create double fairways, unique angles of attack, and challenge the golfer's mind prior to them even striking their first tee shot on many holes.  

Kinloch 2.JPG

Another interesting attribute of the course at Kinloch is the challenge the course brings to bear, while at the same time being playable for all classes of players. 

Kinloch III.JPG

If you are the type of golfer that simply loves to play the game in an unadulterated fashion, you'll love Kinloch.  The walk is incredible and near effortless.  The golf engages your mind, but won't constrain your shots.  And it illicits pure joy. 

Kinloch II.JPG