I am a member of Golf Club Atlas and, frankly, I probably spend too much time on there.  But deep down in my soul,
I love golf.  And I don't mean I like it, I truly love it.  I love playing it.  I love reading about it.  I love practicing.  I love
studying its history.  I love learning about golf course architecture.  I love everything about it.

With this in mind, I wanted to share a recent post from Golf Club Atlas with everyone.  I have asked this person for
permission to post his words and I am glad he allowed me to share them with you.  You see, I think he loves the
game like I do.  And, you know what...he might love it even more than I do.  And that is saying a lot!

I relish being on a golf course, competing and having fun with my friends for 4 hours.

What could be better ?

Perhaps my perspective is gleened from the innumerable times I sat in the waiting rooms at Memorial Sloan
Kettering Cancer Center observing fellow patients who I knew wouldn't last a week, or a month.

Time is precious, and you can't spend enough of it with your family and friends.

4 hours on a golf course, competing with the course and your opponents/friends, busting your opponent's/friend's
chops and having them bust yours, telling jokes and stories, complimenting each other on shots well struck and
needling each other about everything in the universe, save children and grandchildren, and you want to reduce
that to 2 hours, or 1 hour.

Trust me, when you're lying in a hospital bed with tubes in your arms, chest and legs, you'll wish you had spend
MORE time on the golf course.

This ain't a dress rehearsal.

Devote your time to your family and business, then spend as much time as you can on the golf course.

You won't regret it when you close your eyes for good.