More on Tiger Woods 11-29-2009

After Y.E. Yang took Tiger down in the PGA Championship, I stated that the chapter of the unbeatable Tiger Woods
in the Book of Golf History had come to a conclusion.  I went on to say that the road leading to Tiger breaking Jack
Nicklaus’ major wins record would be a much tougher one to hoe than the one leading to Tiger’s first 14 major wins.  
In light of recent events, it appears that Tiger’s life off the course might be even more difficult for him to handle.

Currently, there are a lot of rumors swirling around concerning his recent car wreck and the potential reason for the
car wreck.  However, I am not going to get into any of that as I don’t know what the truth is and I don’t think I will ever
know what the truth is.  But I do know that things seem to be a little off kilter for Tiger Woods.

Tiger has had a great run as a golfing champion.  He seems to have married a great woman and he has two
beautiful children.  But as things have started to challenge him, cracks seem to be surfacing in his foundation.  He
had the leg injury in 2008 and after surgery he has yet to win a major.  However, he did have the lead heading into
the final day in the 2009 PGA but he lost that lead on a Sunday for the first time in his career.  Prior to that, he
missed the cut in the Open Championship.  It was during this tournament that his temper tantrums on the course
really began to rear their head.  This poor behavior hasn’t stopped or even slowed since the Open.  In fact, it
appears to be getting worse.  In Australia, he actually threw his driver into the gallery of on-looking spectators.  
Thank God, no one was injured.  Then the affair rumors, the car wreck, and domestic disturbance rumors/news hit
the newswires.  

Other strange things occurred in 2009 regarding Tiger.  The man who has been solely focused on eclipsing Jack
Nicklaus’ major wins total, actually proclaimed that 2009 was a successful year despite winning zero major
championships.  Furthermore, in the President’s Cup Steve Stricker actually overshadowed Tiger during a
substantial amount of time that the two of them were paired together.  And at the Tour Championship, despite Tiger
being named the FedEx Cup Champion, Phil Mickelson clearly outplayed Tiger and walked away the winner of the
Tour Championship.  Both Phil and Tiger stood tall at the conclusion of that tournament with trophies, but it was Phil
who was clearly the better player that weekend.

So, what is going on?  Well, I am of the opinion that the unbeatable Tiger Woods is a thing of the past.  He is getting
some pressure from the old guard (Phil, Paddy, etc), the young guns are gaining on him (McIlroy, Mahan, O’Hair,
etc), and he is feeling the pressure.  He is feeling this pressure because he knows that his window of golfing
greatness is closing and he has a finite goal to achieve...becoming the greatest.  And the greatest to him is Jack
Nicklaus as defined by his 18 major championships.  

You can learn a lot about a person when they are achieving great things.  BUT, you can learn a whole heck of a lot
more about someone when the chips are down.  Right now, I think Tiger’s chips are down (at least per his standard)
and we are about to see how much character he has.  People claimed he was the most mentally strong human
being on the planet when he won the 2008 U.S. Open on one leg.  Frankly, I thought is was an over-the-top absurd
and ridiculous statement especially in light of all the mental toughness I witnessed first hand during my time in the
military…but hyperbole is always present in the media as they describe contemporary sports heroes.  But perhaps
these next few days, weeks, months, and years will shed some more light on his character/mental toughness.  For
the record, I previously stated that I think he will handle this adversity well…but I am starting to have doubts.  Time
will tell and I will be watching with very interested eyes.

In closing, I hope for his wife and children’s sake that these rumors are not true.  But, like I mentioned earlier, time
will tell.    


Well, time has told us the truth.  Many of the rumors and allegations appear to be true in light of Tiger's own
statement where he apologized for "transgressions" and "sins".  Hopefully, he can get his act together on a
personal level going forward.  If I had Tiger's ear, these are the words I would write and tell him...


I am a golf enthusiast and amateur historian.  Therefore, my interest in you has been keen for quite some time.  I
have certainly noticed your demeanor change from a wide-eyed kid looking to prove himself, which was most
noticeable in the Curtis Strange interview around 1996, to an over-confident/arrogant golf superstar, which was
most notable during the 2008 pre-season festivities.  In my opinion, your behavior so far in 2009 has been
disgraceful to the game of golf.  However, you now stand at the cross-roads.  These cross-roads could be related to
your golf game, but they are most certainly related to your life.

For the record, I really don’t care all that much about your wins and losses at this point.  You can hit the little white
ball better than anyone on the planet.  Good for you!!  You have been well-compensated for this and you have
achieved a well-deserved level of fame in your life.  Like I said, earlier…Good for you!!  But it is my opinion, that this
point in time is more important for your life than it is for your golf game.  Like you mentioned in your press release,
you want to be a better husband and father.  Based on a lot of these rumors and allegations it would appear that
you haven’t been much a husband or father to this point.  Rather it seems that you have been acting like a single
man who is still in college.  I won’t go into the details as to what this entails, as I am sure you know what those
details are.  Nevertheless, this could be the time that all of that changes.  This could be the time you actually
become a man.

Please don’t take this letter to be a sermon from some who is on their high horse.  That is not its intent.  I am full of
fault and sin and have stumbled many times in my past, but I hope and pray that I remain on a stable and steady
path each and every day going forward.  If you can use your mental toughness to focus in on being a good father
and husband from this day forward, you will earn many people’s respect.  But more important than earning stranger’
s respect, you might regain the trust and respect of your family.  And on an even greater note, you might even gain
the all important level of self-respect that might have been eluding you all of these years.

In closing, I am wishing you the best regarding your life and I am praying for you and your family.


MacArther “Mac” Plumart