Myopia Hunt Club--Chatham, MA

-Rankings as of 6/9/2014--30th best U.S. Classic Course (Golfweek); 90th Best U.S. Course (Golf Magazine)

Myopia Hunt Club was founded in 1882 as a Hunting club for well-to-do New Englanders.  It still operates as a hunting club, but it also has the oldest polo field in the United States, tennis courts, and a world-class golf course.  The golf course was designed by Herbert Leeds and has been only slightly modified over the decades.  The feel of the course and its architecture is still very much 19th century and has two holes listed by Golf Magazine as being among the best in the country.

For me the striking feeling and/or vibe that overcame me while playing at Myopia is best described as "joie de vivre".  It simply enhanced the joy of living to be walking the golf course and playing the holes.  And the holes themselves were very good.  One of the best was the par 4 4th hole; dogleg left, tilted ground, sloped green, and some nasty bunkers.  But to simply describe the hole doesn't do justice to what it feels like to be standing there lining up your shot, taking in the scenery and the overwhelming peacefulness that the private and secluded grounds yield.



One aspect of the design of the holes that struck me was the uniqueness of them.  You see, the 19th century features are not aspects of design that people nowadays see all the time.  Greens may slope in "awkward" ways, angles may be different than what we are used to, and the greens are very small.  This makes simply getting yardage and gripping and ripping a mistake.  You need to really look and see what lays before you and figure out the best way to attack.  The clearer you observe and think and execute, the better your score.

The par 3 9th is one of the all-time great par 3s.  With its skinny and deep green and nasty flanking bunkers.


And many more of the holes are just simply enjoyable to play.  Myopia makes for a relaxing, peaceful, and enjoyable day that will test your game in many different ways.

To get a great hole by hole look of this amazing course, please check out this link...,59738.0.html