Old Sandwich--Plymouth, MA


Rankings as of 6/10/2014--15th Best Modern U.S. Course (Golfweek); 69th Best U.S. Course (Golf Digest); 46th best U.S. Course and 90th Best Course in the World (Golf Magazine)


Old Sandwich is another gem of a golf course created by the ultra-talented design team of Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw. And not only is there an amazing golf course on the grounds at Old Sandwich, there is a first rate destination golf club there as well.  The amenities are all first-class; first class cabins/cottages, first class food, and first class service.  If you are lucky enough to be a member at Old Sandwich, I'm sure leaving the club to go home is a tough task.

But to focus on the golf course itself, Coore and Crenshaw hold true to their natural design philosophy with their work at Old Sandwich.  The course hugs the natural terrain and nothing seems out of place.


Old Sanwich 4.JPG

Furthermore, the mix of holes is classic Coore and Crenshaw.  You've got some wonderfully brutal long par 4s that seem like they should be par 5s.  And you've got some mind-blowing short par 4s that tempt you so badly to try to drive the green.

And the greens at Old Sandwich were the very best Coore and Crenshaw greens I've ever played, Sand Hills included.

Old Sandwich is a top-tier golf course on any stage you'd like to put it...Modern U.S., National, or International.   It is simply one of the very best in the world.