I recently was going through my list of courses and checking them versus the “official” golf ranking entities'
opinions.  I thought it might be interesting to list the courses I rate way higher than the gurus’ consensus opinions.



Courses I feel the consensus under-rates

1) Wolf Point--This course has to be the most under-rated golf course in the world, as the powers that be at the club don't allow it to be rated!  If it was allowed to be rated, it would certainly be among the Top 100 Modern designs and among the best in the United States.


2) Pasatiempo--It is my opinion, that the quality of golf holes at Pasa stand up to ANY course in the world.  Other courses may have better views and/or a better walk, but the golf holes at Pasatiempo are truly great.  And the greens are in the discussion for best in the world.

3)  Rustic Canyon---For this golf course to not be ranked in the any of the Top 100 lists, including the Golfweek
Top 100 Modern Golf Courses, is simply wrong.  The course is exceptionally good with big bold features and macro-
strategic decisions.  However, it also has an incredible amount of subtlety that should keep golfers interested in
playing it day in and day out.


4)  Dismal River (White)---I guess the course got off to a slow start and was panned early on.  Obviously, the panelists
on the Top 100 lists haven’t gotten over that rocky start because The White Course at Dismal River is an excellent, excellent, excellent
golf course in an amazing location.  Give this thing time and you should see it jump in the rankings.    


5)  Kingsley Club--Currently, of the big 3 rating entities, only Golfweek puts Kingsley on their Top 100 lists.  
Currently, only Golfweek is correct.  I get that the course can be extreme at times, but who wants vanilla ice cream
all the time?  Kingsley is a truly excellent golf course.  I hope over time all the other rating gurus will come to their
senses and put Kingsley in their Top 100.