Pasatiempo Golf Club---Santa Cruz, CA

Rankings as of 3/12/2012
-30th best U.S. Classic Course (Golfweek)
-66th best U.S. Course (Golf Magazine)

Pasatiempo is a course designed by Alister Mackenize on the coast of California.  In fact, Mr. Mackenzie took up
residence for many years off the 6th hole.

Pasa 6 Mac plaque.jpg

Given the courses heritage, I was quite excited to play it.  And the course did not disappoint.  The routing of the
course is a bit disjointed due to houses on the course and the fact the course cross the road and/or plays right
next to homes and roads from time to time.  Given this, you don’t get that “get away from it all” feel that some
courses can manifest.  But make no mistake about it, this is a very minor detail when compare to the quality of the
golf holes.

And that is the main thing at Pasa…the quality of the golf holes.  Mackenzie, and Urbina and Doak who renovated
the course a few years back, use the land and get the most of out of it.  If you can accurately analyze the terrain in
front of you, you will be able to hit speed slots in fairways and/or find hills or undulations that can feed the ball the
ball right to the pin on the green.  But that also opens up some areas of concern.  If you don’t effectively identify
these contours, your ball will feed to the exact wrong portion of the fairway or green.

Pasa 3.jpg

Another highlight of the golf holes are the strategic placement of bunkers…

Pasa 7.jpg

And the thrilling shots that pop up with great regularity.

Pasa 10.jpg

Pasatiempo is a must play in my book.  It is fun, interesting, and a great piece of American golfing history.