Peachtree Golf Club---Atlanta, GA

Rankings as of 4/4/2012--
-33rd best classic U.S. golf course (Golfweek)
-43rd best U.S. golf course (Golf Digest)
-68th best U.S. golf course (Golf Magazine)

Peachtree values its privacy, so I will not discuss this course too much and I have no pictures to share.

In a nutshell, Peachtree is perfect.  The tee to green aspect of the course is full of excitement and thrill.  The
length of the holes, the amount of hazards, and severity of hazards is flawless.  The size and scale of the bunkers
is impressive.  And the greens are big, bold, and full of wonderfully stunning contours.

This golf course, and club, is truly one of the very best in the world.