Rivermont Golf and Country Club—Alpharetta, GA   

Rivermont is a hidden gem in the golfing world.  It is one of the best courses in Atlanta, but few know of it.

The club is owned by Chris Cupit and the course was totally re-designed in 2007 by Mike Riley.  I have had the 
great pleasure to experience some of Mr. Riley’s work at The Standard Club and Atlanta Country Club and let me 
say that Rivermont lives up to the lofty standards set by those courses.

Rivermont is a private club and is, technically, a neighborhood golf course.  But the routing of the course is so 
good that the houses are rarely seen and when they are seen they are barely noticed.  The golf course takes 
center stage from the opening tee shot and does not relinquish the stage until each golfer holes out on 18.  This 
phenomenon is facilitated by the routing and leaves the golfer feeling totally intimate with the golf course.


The bunkering on the course builds this sense of intimacy and adds a layer of naturalism to the mix.  The 

wonderful thing about the bunkering is that it isn’t over the top.  Rather than utilize a vast number of bunkers, Mr. 

Riley strategically places a limited number of them.  This placement will test each golfer’s game, while enhancing 

the natural beauty of the course.

Rivermont 16 approach.JPG

But without question the one aspect of the course that absolutely every golfer will notice are the greens.  My, oh 

my, oh my…those greens!!!  They are wonderfully placed, once again, due to tremendous routing and they have 

internal contours that will bowl you over.  Flat putts at Rivermont?  Think again!  Easy chips to the hole?  Nope!!  

See the contours and figure out how to guide the ball over and around them…or pay the price!!

Rivermont 10 approach.JPG

Plain and simple, Rivermont is a wonderful golf course!  From the red tees, it measures just a bit over 7,000 

yards and is rated 74/138.