Rustic Canyon---Moorpark, CA

Rustic Canyon is located just a bit outside of Los Angeles, California.  It was designed by the red-hot Gil Hanse and
Geoff Shackelford.  The course is public and given the course's quality and the cost of a round of golf there, it just
be the ultimate value in golf today.

The course has options galore and many of the decisions regarding which option to chose begin on the tee.


Furthermore, the approaches always have interest.


Given the openness of the site, the mountains, the sand base, the rugged bunkering, this course's name Rustic
Canyon is fitting.  It feels untamed, rough, and it is full of adventure.  But the adventure is trumped by the
subtleness regarding many of the challenge and the options available to try to tackle them.  


In a nutshell, this course is extra special and under-appreciated in the golfing world.