Shoreacres---Lake Bluff, IL

Rankings as of 8/28/2011
-36th best golf course in the U.S. & 64th best golf course in the World (Golf Magazine)
-26th best classic course (Golfweek)
-92nd best U.S. course (Golf Digest)

Shoreacres is a private golf club located in the northern Chicago suburbs and was designed by Seth Raynor in
1918.  Although the course doesn’t play along Lake Michigan, the clubhouse does overlook the lake and the views
are magnificent.  But, that is not the only thing that is magnificent at Shoreacres.  

The major geographical feature on the property is a ravine that winds itself through the entire golf course.  And this
ravine serves as the cornerstone of the routing that Seth Raynor developed at Shoreacres.  

Shoreacres 2.JPG

I’ve heard people say what a great architect Mr. Raynor was, but, to be quite frank, I was having some serious
doubts about this fact prior to my round at Shoreacres.  I’d seen some of his solo work at Lookout Mountain in
northwestern Georgia and Yeaman’s Hall in South Carolina.  And, yes, I liked those courses very much.    But I
wasn’t completely blown away with every aspect of the courses; features looked too geometric, the template holes
seemed a bit of a stretch in some instances, and despite the routing being obviously good it didn’t completely
overcome some of these “issues”.  However, this was not the case at Shoreacres.  It did have some of the
geometric features and odd looking mounds, but the routing was so sublime and wonderful that these “issues” were
totally trivial and rendered meaningless.

Among the obvious signs of his great routing ability was his use of that ravine.  You see he use this ravines as a
cross hazard from time to time…

Shoreacres I.JPG

He uses it was a risk/reward boundry line other times, like at the 10th (Road) Hole.  Get close to the ravine on the
tee shot and have a great angle into the shallow green…or play out left and away from the ravine and have to go
over the Road Hole bunker while attacking the pin on this shallow green.  

Shoreacres Road Hole greenside.JPG

He takes you down into the ravine…

Shoreacres Short.JPG

He takes you up and over the ravine…

Shoreacres II II.JPG

And he will have the ravine guarding the green sites from time to time.

Shoreacres II III.JPG

The routing is absolutely masterful, to say the least.  And Shoreacres is without question one of the best golf clubs
in the entire world and the course would be one I’d love to play day in and day out for the rest of my life.