Streamsong Blue---Streamsong, FL

This course was not ranked as of 1/12/2013

Streamsong is a new golf-only resort located in between Tampa and Orlando, Florida.  The club is owned by the
Mosaic Corporation, a large mining company.  In fact, the course is built on top of a reclaimed mining site and
yields unique turf, terrain, and views relative to almost anything else is the golfing world.  

Blue 18.jpg

The Blue Course at Streamsong was designed by Tom Doak and his Renaissance Golf Design firm.  In keeping
with the design ideals of Renaissance Golf Design, Blue is walkable, has fast and firm turf, every hole has
multiple ways to play it, and the greens are wild.  And, make no mistake about it; I appreciate those aspects of
the course.  However, two things stood out more to me regarding the course:

1)         On every single hole, I had to engage my brain prior to putting a tee in ground in order to derive a
strategy on how to play the hole.  The mix of centerline bunkers, angles, elevation changes, and varied hazard
placements were the foundation that drove this “thinking” golf design.

Blue 17 II.jpg

2)        The bunker placement was exceptionally good.  And this may have been centerline fairway bunkers,
greenside bunkers, or seemingly meaningless bunkers that ended up coming into play during the course of a

Blue 9.jpg

Putting all of these factors together (fast and firm turf, multiple options, wild greens, “thinking” golf, and great
bunker placement), lent itself to a golf course that is ideally suited for match play.  You see, these factors when
linked together make for daring risk/reward shots and wide dispersions of scores.  Some courses might be
par/bogey courses, but not Streamsong Blue.  No, sir.  It is the quintessential birdie/“other” course, driven by
the amalgamation of all these contributing factors.

Blue 13 II.jpg

And it is my opinion that this style of design makes for fun and endlessly entertaining golf that only gets better
with more plays.