Streamsong Red---Streamsong, FL

This course was not ranked as of 1/12/2013

Streamsong is a new golf-only resort located in between Tampa and Orlando, Florida.  The club is owned by 
Mosaic Corporation, which is a large mining company.  In fact, the course is built on top of a reclaimed mining site 
and yields unique turf, terrain, and views relative to almost anything else is the golfing world.

SS Red 18.jpg

The Red Course at Streamsong was designed by the dynamic duo of Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw.  Combining 

Coore/Crenshaw’s penchant for building naturalistic golf courses by using what the land provides rather than 

creating their own landforms and features with the uniqueness of the reclaimed mining site upon which the course 

is built, provided the foundation for one of the world’s most unique golf courses.  This uniqueness is centered on 

the stunning beauty of the course, but the beauty is not like anything I’d ever seen before.  It was natural beauty, 

but it wasn’t the natural beauty of a mountain setting.  It wasn’t the natural beauty of a lake setting, or a meadow, 

or anything most people are accustom to.  Rather contradictory, it was a natural beauty that manifested itself from 

an old mining property.

SS Red 2.jpg

In addition to this odd natural beauty, the course was very strategic with some severe bite.  It made for a peaceful 

serene walk, but with a dash of “rise up and hit the tough shot.”

Additionally, I think Coore and Crenshaw took some fairly big risks with the uniqueness of their hazard creation.  
During the course of your round, you’ll see concave bunkers;

SS Red 7.jpg

Semi-large dunes blocking greens;

SS Red 15.jpg

And angular shots into Biarritz greens.

SS Red 16.jpg

Streamsong Red is a very good golf course with some must see features that commonly asks the golfer to hit some 

tough shots in order to post a decent score.