The Dormie Club—West End, NC

The Dormie Club is the latest design by the esteemed Coore and Crenshaw design team.  They are world famous
for their breakthrough design in Mullen, NE, Sand Hills Golf Club.  They’ve rattled off one amazing golf course after
another since then and currently (2011) have 3 original designs that classify as Unanimous Gems and 1
renovation.  However, I think time will show that The Dormie Club is another one of those gems.

The Dormie is another example of C&C’s fabulous routing ability.  The course flows from one hole to the other with
amazing grace and a natural progression.  And no point is anything forced or fragmented.  Additionally, the golf
course seems to blend perfectly with the natural surroundings and the landscape.

Dormie 1.JPG

However, the big difference for me regarding this course and their other work is the greens.  Without question,
these greens are the best that Coore and Crenshaw have done to date.  And for point of reference, I have thus far
played Sand Hills, Cuscowilla, Chechessee Creek, and The Dormie Club.  And among these sets of amazing
greens, the 3rd hole stands out as the best on this course. 

Dormie 3 green.JPG

Another thing regarding the work of C&C is their technical excellence regarding golf course architecture.  That
crazy green on hole #3 comes at the end of a short par 4.  To defend such a short hole a challenging green makes
perfect technical sense.  Now fast forward to hole 8, a LONG and winding par 4 which frankly has the teeth and
distance to be a par 5.  But rather than put another ultra-challenging green, these guys put a big green with
interesting, but less severe, contours.  To me, that is technically sound.

I know there are big plans for The Dormie Club.  I hear about a short practice course that can be played forwards
and backwards.   I hear about a high tech learning facility.  I saw plans for a massive real estate build out.  I don’t
know what will or will not happen, but I sincerely hope the owners of the club keep what makes the course special.  
And that is Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw’s technical perfect golf course which is set in an idyllic and peaceful

Dormie 4.JPG