By the time I got to the 4th tee, I was getting pretty frustrated.  I was hammering the
ball and getting nowhere.  But I simply told myself if I keep hitting the ball this well, I’
ve got to score well.  So, with this in mind I unleashed a BOOMING drive off the tee.  
With the wind being right to left, I aimed off the right side of the fairway and the ball
drew perfectly right to left and landed right in the middle.  I was left with 180 to the
pin, I drew 4 hybrid.  BOOM!  I nailed it, but the wind pushed that ball and I just
missed the green to the left.  No worries, I had a great lie and a great look at the
pin.  My chip was money and I just about holed it.  2 inch putt for par and I was

The 5th is a really cool par 3 playing over a massive waste bunker, but the entire
right side of the hole is grass…but of course the green lies right at the end of the
bunker.  So, you can elect to hit your ball at the green and try to carry the
bunker…or play out right and hit the fairway and play two to the green while
avoiding the bunker.  The wind was right into my face and was howling.  The pin was
right on the front of the green 173 yards away.  I choose 3 wood and smashed that
ball just to the right of the pin with a bit of a draw to it.  I thought I was going to make
my first hole in one.  The ball was tracking right at the pin…oh man this was it…and
then thud…about 3 yards short of a hole in one and in the damn bunker.  So, I’ve
got another steep faced, hard panned waste bunker to get out of and I’ve got about
1 yard of green to work with.  Forget this!  I wasn’t going to be cute and leave it in
the bunker.  I hit it out of the bunker and over the pin.  I left myself about 15 feet to
the hole and two putted.  Another bogey…fine…whatever.

Hole 6 was a bit troublesome.  First off, it is a short par 4 with (you guessed it) a
waste bunker running the entire left side of the fairway.  Well, for whatever reason I
decided to try to boom a drive way down the fairway and over the bunker.  Bad
idea!  Even with wind now being left to right, I hooked my tee shot left and in the
bunker.  Being greedy, I drew 4 iron and tried to put the ball on the green and sneak
out a par.  Another bad idea!  Being off the sand, I couldn’t really hit down on the
ball and the ball faded on me.  And with the left to right wind, the ball REALLY faded
and I ended up in the wood chips off the right side of the fairway.  Ok, ok, I’ll chip it
on the green, two putt, and take my bogey and move on, right?  Wrong!!  I hit a chip
shot, I guess too high.  The wind grabbed that thing, made it look like a slice (from
35 yards); the ball hit the green on a down slope and slid right off.  So, I am laying 3
off the back of the green in some decent rough and an uphill lie.  Fortunately, the lie
was great and I was chipping well.  I got it to 5 feet and had a chance for bogey.  
Nope.  I missed the five footer and tapped in for double.  

Hole 7 is another 500 yard par 5 with a big fat fairway and some dips and
undulations as you get to the green.  Big fat fairway I tell you, nice big fat and juicy.  
You think I could hit that fairway…but you’d be wrong.  I unleashed a big, long, and
strong, fade…now add in the left to right wind and I am thinking I am OB.  Muttering
obscenities as I traverse the fairway, I see a ball lying right in the middle of the cart
path.  All I can say is THANK GOD for the soft sand cart paths at The Ocean
Course, as my ball is safe.  I crane my neck to get a peak of where I will punch out
when I notice a flag waving back and forth in the wind.  You’ve got to be kidding
me!!!  I’ve got a shot at the green!!!  Ok, ok…calm down…focus.  The hole is 500
yards, you just hit a longish fade, and you’ve probably still got 250 into the wind.  
Plenty of room to hit whatever you want.  3 wood.  I can get in scoring range with a
three wood.  Take your stance, slow steady swing, BOOM!!!  I hit the shot of the
round.  As I am below the fairway on the sand cart path, I can’t see where the ball
lands…but I do know it is in a good place.  As I approach the green, I notice I’ve got
an easy 30 yards chip.  I execute and two putt for my par.  Perhaps the best par of
my life…or would that be the luckiest par of my life…whatever, the battle is on and I
am gaining some confidence.

Hole 8 is a 166 yard par 3.  The wind is blowing as hard as I have ever seen it left to
right like a mother.  The green is Pinehursty…domed, shell-backed…and it has a
waste bunker surrounding it.  Ok, the shot is a 6 iron to the extreme left of the
green.  Hit it hard; let the wind pull it on the green.  That is the plan.  I line it up;
bingo…I hit the precise shot I want.  Here comes the ball, angling left to right on a
direct line to the pin.  This is going to be great.  The ball hits the green 3 feet to the
left of the flag and bounces toward it, catches the Pinehurst type edge and rolls into
the damn bunker.  UGH!!!!  I am literally heart-broken.  NO F**KING WAY!!!  How
can that be!!!  Oh well, re-focus.  I chip out of the sand and I am too long and am left
with a two putt bogey.  Oh man…I am hitting solid shots time and time again and I
am getting nowhere.  Frustrated, frustrated, frustrated!!!!!

Hole 9 comes next and I am steaming.  How can I pick the right strategy, execute the
shot, and still get hosed.  Damn it!  Before I realize what is happening I am already
hitting my tee shot on 9 and pulling the crap out of it.  And you’ll never guess where
it ends up.  Hey, how’d you guess?!?  A friggin’ waste bunker off the left side of the
fairway.  Steaming and about to blow my top, I rip a 4 hybrid.  Interestingly enough, I
get the exact same result as I got on hole 6 when I whaled a 4 hybrid out of a waste
bunker.  And that is a high fade, which the wind pushed to the extreme right side of
the fairway rough.  As I approach my ball, I begin to calm down.  Ok, you aren’t
dead…you are alive and so are your dreams to break 90 out here.  I’ve got an easy
pitch to the green, which I execute and two putt and walk away with another bogey.

On to the next holes...