Wolf Point---somewhere in Texas


Wolf Point is the most exclusive private club there ever could be; one mans owns it and there are no other members.  Mike Nuzzo is the architect of the golf course and, to date, this is his only design. 

Prior to arriving to play at Wolf Point, I had heard a lot about the course.  One of the best ever built; a modern day gem; if Nuzzo had more courses in the ground he'd be a household name.  For sure, this kind of talk made me very interested to play the course.  And, let's just say I was not disappointed.

You'll notice in my write up that there are no references to where the golf course is "ranked."  Well, that's on purpose.  The owner of the course has no desire to have the course rated on the Top 100 lists.  He just wants to play there every day and avoid any of the fanfare and notoriety that comes with having a course regarded as one of the best in the world.  And that is just what Wolf Point is; one of the best golf courses anyone will ever play.  Whether it is THE best someone will ever play is simply a matter of taste and preference.

Mr. Nuzzo uses all the natural landforms on the property very well.  Most notably is the meandering creek that runs through the property.



Furthermore, the shaping of the features on the course are top-notch.  So top-notch that it is impossible to tell the natural features from the man-made features.



You see, what has been created in Texas, of all places, is pure links golf.  Which, in my opinion, is the best form of golf that there is.  Wide open fairway, with big interesting greens, few trees which makes the wind a major hazard, all the while the game is being played on a firm and fast playing surfaces which allows the ball to bounce and bound all over the place.  Fun golf!!!


I truly hope that Mike Nuzzo get his chance to build more golf courses, because he clearly understand what makes for great golf!